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so i can remind myself after this 7 year cycle, in my disability journals over the years.

7 years done. juat the same as my asperger journal, to time and diagnosis. my early retirement in 1998, meant that i had on online presence most would have liked to have done in 1998 in the dawn of the internet start , yet it was a burden., after 7 , to 1994. and again another 10 years in 2004, i realised i was doing the same things, discussing the same issues.

and i was involved in feminist issues that an ordinary citizen would never dream of happening, in the lagtime… i was aware, that i lost my identity, in my lego times. and in 2011, a therapist advised me to go back into the world of lego, as per volluntery organisation rules, i was struck by the fact that , the disability needs of people online were opened up with the worlds of post myspace days. after chatting with 600 people a day in the music world, i was so glad to see that the lego community on youtube had finally brought with it a great online presence, along with youtube friendship with jaystepher in myspace of 2008, ..after some time we all got aquainted on youtube, with bricktsar and brick queen being the main ones online, …

but .. again, i had the 4zzz feminist radio show to content with, and i had so many commitments to keeping up with music, it all happened so quick with the political change in the LNP takeover of australian leadership, that in 2013, i regretted the term that, the LNp would increase taxes and impose 60% GST on lego to offset cheep bread and milk and gas ( petrol ). i was set . i was free . do i retire from lego . i was free to go. free spirited, , to start my exploits of the spong on youtube, as most will know of a voluntery life, it only lasts 1 year, would know one year away from an orgainisation to online organisation, so i thought, i wanted to join some friendship groups online to see how many people that i could chat to , through the years, it had helped me grow as a person. so back to the Ap stream, and the chance to finally get mail, after my retired life, i had not had mail in 20 years., and it was so fun to get letters sent to me about my lego, actual letters form peoples, i was an internet celebrity, now., but with lego prizes comes great responsiblity in deciding when the time is, and october, wssd great because it gave the 4 week time line for christmas to my birthday, so i decided to do a birthday video on january 2016, , so no one has any financial interest in the prizes or after one year, and all connections, must lax after a year, so we can join another group a year later, so now, we start the life of the Lego brick group of the gold coast friends of adam spong.

JOin the adventures of adam spong on the certified lego store journeys, i cannot wait to give it a proper name and people can vote for the name in deviantart, or post a response, online.

as per volunterry call up ., i was in the saturday streams from 2014, to , after i was in Jaystephers chat stream from 2011 to 2013, and then Big b happened to come along, 4 october 2014, and Jaystepher also thought it fun to have an international audience now, we wanted a friendly group to join the world lego build challenge, ..

but i thought as a person with no bank account, the idea of a financial organisation, with a basis on buying the same bricks each week. was a bit unknown to me. so the goals of some of the objectives of the Ap stream , served as a reminder, that it was not the original plan of the AP stream, and so i agreed with the ap stream,. that in one years time, i pop in on the christmas and new years, each year, and a t intervals where it does not clash with my lego hogwarts builds, as the voluntery code of parlay ( as we refered to it in hindsite , i didn not realise people were buying $7000 in lego or investing so much in lego over the whole year, , i was not aware that theyall put in $7000 into a lego pool & so it was unknown for me, as i was used to 7 years of lego building and then i stop my hogwarts builds… or so i thought, until the ilvermorny started up, so now, i have 23 blogs, all dedicated to the themes and times of adam spong, and a few cross overs have happened in the mean time

, well i thought i was stopping and had a retired adam sponglego page , but my asexual community wanted me to continue with the build of the Hogwarts, . . as my leaving message in 0ctober 25 2015, after talk with other saturday stream people who had family and health commitments as well, and me with the new neice, and other family events. we all had issues with th eonline youtube tubelug community started to emerge, that it was not all smooth sailing, , Well we all have fmaily issues and we all have financial issues that make us small time lego peoples. as well, but after some discussions. i decided to leave the Ap stream after i did a give a way prize, octo 25. and nov 7, 2015 as last show and continue, as agreed with the ap stream to appear in the stream after 6 months of some adjustments to my online blog time lines, as dr who was finishing on 5 dec 2015, it effected me so much, it was episode 252. and it summed up my life as an adventurer, dr who is & was both a curse and a reminder of my own life.

and so, here we are a year later, the 5 december anniversary of the order 66 rule, i was waiting for the lego store to open to do the next lego prize for Phantom figs collector, Birck shawn and Cave Bricks, as the 7 year rule of our agreement in chats with jaystpeher rooms, where we talked about the fun and exciting times in big b’s entry. we had a wonderous time in chat rooms, and we would take turns going into big b’s channel.

as the years started to build up. the 3r prize year of 2017, is now apon us with the certified lego store giving me access to non official lego that i never thought i would ever see, so it is a coincidence that i can never travel, and i am stuck on the gold coast , australia. as part of my disability connections.

so remember to do the pole, what will me new name of the stream be in youtube what will the new lego stream brick builders of the spong stream be called

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