Month: March 2017

70 hour assignment writing 1997

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so, here starts my first time back at uni, 1997 . journal entry ,. writing a 70 assignment . friday morning to monday morning, yeah, 5 am start , to 5 am finish for monday classes. — oh except for my art and design class at 2 pm, til 4 pm, so, i have 2 hours to be a normal student on fridays, lol .

but, as, assignmnets are university property, i will not reveal what i wrote, complete, uni things, that,. are safeguarded,

we were asked thought what is the identity of students at sunshine coast in 1996. but it never was really defined as they were all working class and never met a hippy defined a “Student alternative lifestyle person, ( who was a 4zzz listener) as they would have known, of today or QUT standard student of Brisbane ,.

so, here we were defining it, in 1997 again, what were we as students,;;

who , what where, when why ./. is our identity ,

i would have had 5 students like me, in my class who where seeking the mental health, care and personal help from student union section of support, of course, i cannot mention them, they had other issues, but mine was a lack of ,. understanding of my own identity,

how was i supposed to write an assignment about persons on the sunshine coast, when i harley defined myself, . yet. but all this will get serious in july of 1997, in 4 months time when the hogwarts hits, and boom, its on, the hogwarts nostalgia hits ands its on , baby.. yeah. HOGWARTS memories time

.. at the time.. i wrote these assignments all weekend to hand into student union, and they fixed up my editing, but, that is an entire thing that was just for us, who , had, serious , issues with e trying to write. but all that was about to change when hogwarts re-defined my nouns as verbs .