crime synicate in charge of australian government

As, adam spong  direct  decendent of the Christiansen clan of Denmark,  it i s  such a thrill to  have it back in family hands and  not taken over by the    Sex crime,  dynasty ,  nasty Synicate of the  Wold milk and bread  mafia,. Calabrian  crime  mafia  drig  bosses  in a  syndicate with the  australian goverenmeent  so  deep, they are  knee deep in MEnzies  Died of  shame  Dildoes , and  biuscuit  mafia king pine Monte Carlo,

may those drug fucks  go  down in  history as the  worst  people to  try to infiltrate my families  LEGo  emprire,

suck it, Christiansen’s RULE imagination,    you all better  get ready cos when  the  reconing  happens, you  better  know  which  side to turn to, and  in 2024, its not  going to be a  bumper ride, its  going to  bew  a trainwreck, No Republican emotional battery powered device   is  perwerful enough to  withstand this shake,

RRB  wants somg  Spogn isisms,  time    to  turn on the dinguh, get your  banana  and turn it on to flannel  netgear,   Rawr  power of  Dashboard  confessionsal,   .  see it  live, .

enjoy  your   journey,

i was recalling how  it is  such a weird time to  be in, we  have adults acting as kids and kids more adult than adult,  if  i was to assume the  progress oh humanity, the   next elected officiel  will both  know the  deciet of this establishment and the    denial of  human  rights,

with me  having  been   denied a bank account  by order of   the  senator Canavan, i am  back to seek my  name  back from Senator Canavan and his  crime  syndicate  family, and the  removal of  Peter  Dutton as  the  biggest coke head  in Australian  Parliament,

and as  for  dick fuck Malcolm  Turnbull, hes;  gone, for  goos now, nothing can  save him now, .

Why doesn’t Tony Abbott just turn a blind eye to same sex marriage like he turns a blind eye to pedophilia in the Catholic Church 

Voters will remember Malcolm cared more about his job than the happiness of Australians who want to marry & cant!   

Qld begins crackdown on NSW waste dumpers        NSW cant  even hide  evidence properly,  in their oown state,  dik heads,

And clearly Turnbull and Dutton have lied through their teeth about the refugee ‘deal’ with the US.

Let’s be clear Removing water from refugees on Manus means Turnbull wants them dead. WILL YOU STAND FOR THIS? Make your choice.

i’ Adam spong  did  not  get myself  forecably  removed form  society  to  have  my  estate be compromised by Seantor  Cavanan ,  and i am proud to have been  vindicated,   my assets locked in a QLD State Governement  fund, yeah, i  can  still be homeless, but i  have the evidence to  shut  down  Peter Dutton, fuckwitt MP, and his  commmunist Merchantile enterprise  of world criminal  gang,

and if  lego  be  my olny form of metal capacity

then  fuck you to  Peter Dutton

coke fuck of spring hill

i ran a feminsit radio  network

look me  up

i was  doing  surveillence on Peter Dutton long   before he was a coke head

good day  sir

good  day  .

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