Khloe and sarah fanfiction progression



We do not know  what  Sarahs  facinations  with Chicago is. .. but, Khloe has  excamined the  elements of  Chicago, and  has  surmised that,  the  Tea is  BAE,  the  tea is LIT LIT LIT in  Chicago ,

Before School  starts for  Kloe  and Sarah  in the  ilvermorny Institute ,.
Sarah and  Khloe  are now  2nd  year students.
They  have their  schhol  time table, and  book  list
they went to   Chicago  to buy some  books,
and harvest  some  wonderful tea  samples  for   the  amazing brews, that ,
Sarah  and  Khloe  will   heat up ,  with  anticipation, for the  coming  year  at  , Ilvermonry ,
In  ilvermorny   they are in  ThunderBird  House  wich is  similar to  Huffle  pUFF,
with a  facinaction of  Adventure,
stay  tuned for  more ,  exciting drama  from
the  Khloe and  Sarah  Epic  Fanfiction

SPONGO , out,  ,,  mic  drop,

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