sarah and khloe dream


I  had a  weird  drem,  where , I  was dreaming of the  fanfiction,
that I  needed  to  write  for   tofay
so  here it  is

the  dream was  rather clouded from the   TEA,.

but  I  do  belive it
encapsualted, the tea  cup, handle and  rim, which  sarah and  Khloe  decorate
late at night
they paint and  varnish thier  tea  cups to  sell at the local markets in  New  York, and in  Chicago, lol,
the  tea  cop,  family  business back in  Chicago and the  little shop in new  York,  off to  the  big    city to  do  cup art and to  go to  ilvermorny  Instiutute, in Masseetuesetes

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