i am back

as it is   Friday,  i  will see,  exactly  what this  time line is  about ,

New  years,  all  hallows  eve  soon, it begins,

i have been training for the  mars  mission,  day    on the misson to mars each night we fall aslepp, we are in separate compartments, and on Articitifical inelligence machines wtll they wake us up in 2024.

it  has  been  42  years  since  the  fall, the incident in 1975 with a Soyuz launch vehicle suggests that,  the memory logz of these journals are  self evident, . … Instead of a nominal ride to orbit, however, mission controllers lost telemetry from the vehicle … Lazarev is in  fact  still here, , as i  make my  journal  entries, from  july  14,  1975 ,

Mariner 9 was launched toward Mars on May 30, 1971 ,. orbiter insetion  date of precice  Mars  trjectory  November 14,  1971,


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