Brick builds by adam spong

This is an example of a fanfiction page. Unlike my hogwarts posts, which are displayed on adam spong’s Tumblr  and  deviantart  blog’s front page in the order they’re published, these pages  refer to Ilvermorny, New York School of  Witchcraft and  Wizardry .

As you will see these pages are better suited for more timeless content that you want to be easily accessible for the  next  7  years .

in a 36 week, school of ilvermorny  fanfiction , for the  next 7  years, as outlined in my previous  fanfiction  past of  2009-2015,.  I shall endevour to go on more adventures with  2016 –  to  2023 with adam spong ilvermory fanfiction.

, like your About or Contact information. Click here to link to the  APStream, Asia  PAcific  lego  chat, discussion stream  add another page.

shall you  like to  go to the   adam spong tumblr  pages, they are – the  Fantastic Beasts  tumblr blog, and occassional  Star wars,  Steven Universe, and  Brony , etc/


also – the original  10  years of   Howarts,  since  2007 –  ending  for the  2017 .  when  we  all went to Tumblr in 2007, but    dind;t  realise  waht is  was about til 2010 ,  and started  connecting the   deviantart  sites

and  speaking of  deviantart, here they are here

the original 2009  account –

Tightcupcakes – re-entered for  a  7   year look back in HOgwarts lego

then, in 2010,  i did  a return of  adam spong account that i will use for  2017  -2018 will be good   to  re-enter all

of my  accounts  each  7  years,

the  next one is the 2011  account .  called   adams   wonder garden, since  they  did the  mad hatter movie, i  used that  as a  platform  for the  asexual, mad hatter spong

the garden account for 2018 – 2019 and i just  realised  it  was the other  account i  logged into to  update the  avatar,

2012  adam spong is the same name, adam spong 2012 –  which is  for  2019 – 2020 re-entry

and  adam spong 2013

and hopefully, in  20120 -2021,  i  will use it  as the   end of the hogwarts   journey ,

the  other  accounts are,

adam spogn 2014, for the   next  years, 2021,  to  2022

adam spogn2015,  lego  star wars, and  all those,    dolly  tea  party  accounts will be  for  2023,   so  i forget  my  2014  account,


so, i am  all timed up for  2023,   even though  i  do  have  15  accoutns in  deviantart  for an  emergency

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