i am back

as it is   Friday,  i  will see,  exactly  what this  time line is  about ,

New  years,  all  hallows  eve  soon, it begins,

i have been training for the  mars  mission,  day    on the misson to mars each night we fall aslepp, we are in separate compartments, and on Articitifical inelligence machines wtll they wake us up in 2024.

it  has  been  42  years  since  the  fall, the incident in 1975 with a Soyuz launch vehicle suggests that,  the memory logz of these journals are  self evident, . … Instead of a nominal ride to orbit, however, mission controllers lost telemetry from the vehicle … Lazarev is in  fact  still here, , as i  make my  journal  entries, from  july  14,  1975 ,

Mariner 9 was launched toward Mars on May 30, 1971 ,. orbiter insetion  date of precice  Mars  trjectory  November 14,  1971,


time to mokogent fanfiction with adam international

Friendly mokogent

A Short Story
for the mokoogent fandome

mokogent had always loved quiet Belguim with its disturbed, delicate crows. It was a place where he felt happy. Wit intelligent crows making the thinking  easy,

Mokogent was a friendly, social person. Mokogent was a tea drinker with charming set of  tea cups, . His friends saw him as a cooperative, ,most  admirable person. Once, he had even completed 8 hours  making a youow strream. That’s the sort of man he was.

Mokogent walked over to hi s desk and reflected on his grand surroundings. It  was  raining outside . The clouds danced like singing koalas.

Then he saw something in the distance, or rather someone. It was the figure of Adam International. Adam was a ruthless lover with wine and gobletts.

mokogent gulped. He was not prepared for Adam.

As mokogent stepped outside and Adam came closer, he could see the victorious glint in adam;s eye. I  have  wine,  lets party,  said  Adam

Adam gazed with the affection of 8936 hilarious moaning maggots. She said, in hushed tones, “I love you and I want a phone number.”

mokogent looked back, even more sneezy and still fingering the giant banana. “Mildred, you must think I was born yesterday,” he replied.

They looked at Adam with shocked feelings, like two dancing, charming cats skipping at a very special wedding,

mokogent regarded Adam’s Wine and cheese platter. “I feel the same way!” revealed mokogent with a delighted grin.

Adam looked active, Adams emotions blushing like a massive, melodic map.

Then Adam came inside for a nice glass of tea. we  can have  the  wine later.


sarah and khloe dream


I  had a  weird  drem,  where , I  was dreaming of the  fanfiction,
that I  needed  to  write  for   tofay
so  here it  is

the  dream was  rather clouded from the   TEA,.

but  I  do  belive it
encapsualted, the tea  cup, handle and  rim, which  sarah and  Khloe  decorate
late at night
they paint and  varnish thier  tea  cups to  sell at the local markets in  New  York, and in  Chicago, lol,
the  tea  cop,  family  business back in  Chicago and the  little shop in new  York,  off to  the  big    city to  do  cup art and to  go to  ilvermorny  Instiutute, in Masseetuesetes


Khloe and sarah fanfiction progression



We do not know  what  Sarahs  facinations  with Chicago is. .. but, Khloe has  excamined the  elements of  Chicago, and  has  surmised that,  the  Tea is  BAE,  the  tea is LIT LIT LIT in  Chicago ,

Before School  starts for  Kloe  and Sarah  in the  ilvermorny Institute ,.
Sarah and  Khloe  are now  2nd  year students.
They  have their  schhol  time table, and  book  list
they went to   Chicago  to buy some  books,
and harvest  some  wonderful tea  samples  for   the  amazing brews, that ,
Sarah  and  Khloe  will   heat up ,  with  anticipation, for the  coming  year  at  , Ilvermonry ,
In  ilvermorny   they are in  ThunderBird  House  wich is  similar to  Huffle  pUFF,
with a  facinaction of  Adventure,
stay  tuned for  more ,  exciting drama  from
the  Khloe and  Sarah  Epic  Fanfiction

SPONGO , out,  ,,  mic  drop,


What Could This Thing With An Old-fashioned grabby  glove  comedy skit of Leg sock could  this sensualness be?

What Could This Thing With An Old-fashioned grabby  glove  comedy skit of Leg sock could  this sensualness be?

A Neurotic  fanfiction
by Epic spongo

It has a time  for old-fashioned legs to have socks,  and as  such, they  became popular in  younow,  fo rhere is  Grabby Glove < Grabby  Glove is faint, with freezing feathers, which are hairy. Rarely has an old-fashioned leg reminded me more of the elbows of a peculiar person.Its time to meet  Sensual  Sock ,  For  sensual Sock  has its  flaws,  as Sensual Sock is an exemplary, idyllic friend of  Grabby Glove,.  Grabby  glove  sort to  live out  their  life in a  mental  asylum until the political time was  right.  Which has been laughing absentmindedly  that  left  side was  right  side in the  sock  universe, in the magical, wicked sleet (of clatter!).

Naturally, it has all the glory of a leftist  sock  who  went  merrily on their  way,  as a sensual sock gains popualrity as a sensual being, , which once slept gracefully in the pigeon nest, of  sending   telegrams,  in the  1990;s. There is nothing like the itme before th einternet  when  we  recived messages by  Pigeon,  It  was a  civilised  change   for  we  have talking  socks on line.

Lest not forget the smiling, silky spirit of a steep smell bashfully secsational,  sensual jogging socks of  wonder.

Sensual likes its old-fashioned life. Grabby Glove likes hairy feathers.

It is a creepy time after all! and this is  the  fandom
let it   begin


Sympathetic Khloe Dancing

Sympathetic Khloe Dancing

A Short Story
by Epic Spongo

Sarah Mac DADDY had always loved cold Chicago with its knobbly streets. Sarah was always interested in keen kettles. It was a place where she felt at one with the  cuppa  tea.

She was a modest, courageous, tea drinker with charming Kettle and a fine set of  tea cups. Her friends saw her as a wonder,  delightful person, . Once, she had even brought a smiling cuppa tea back from the steep of  broth. That’s the sort of woman he was.

Sarah walked over to the window and reflected on her industrial surroundings. The industrial  Chicago  with its tine  roof dominence ,hail pounded like running mice.

Then she saw something in the distance, or rather someone. It was the figure of Khloe Dancing. Khloe was being  cared for by the sympathetic doctor with large eyelashes and small fingernails.

Sarah gulped. She was not prepared for Khloe. as  her  Kettle  had not  yet  been  boiled,

As Sarah stepped outside and Khloe came closer, she could see the cute glint in her eye. Sarah Hugged Khloe for  what  seemed like an eternity of  wonder,

Khloe gazed with the affection of 6586 admirable delightful dogs. She said, in hushed tones, “I love you and I want some more Twitter followers.”

Sarah looked back, even more barmy and still holding her magic banana. “Khloe, let’s move in together,” she replied.

They looked at each other with confident feelings,

Khloe said, But Sarah we are both in Hufflepuff, we already live together,
“oh YEs, I forgot,” Said Sarah ,

Sarah regarded Khloe’s comment with amazement, and  put the  kettle on, Do  you  want   oolong or   Earl  Grey .

Khloe,  in a  delighted   voice,  squeed,  :  Earl Fry, yes please,  I  am in a  squeeee moment, and I  must  gain the excitement of  the   Earl  Grey,
“I feel the same way!” revealed Sarah with a delighted grin.

Khloe looked ambivalent, her emotions blushing like a tender, tricky torch.

Then Khloe came inside for a nice glass of Earl  Grey.