the Way-no-bozzoo mystic clan

this is part 1. part 2 is here

6am New york Ilvermorny wake up

squee, i am awake ready for ilvermorny fanfictions.

the time line is all set, today is Wednesday topics.

todays class in Spiritalism.

The traditions at ilvermorny are to connect students to the land, plant life, and all living creatures, and the mysteries of birth, life, death and the spirit world.

Family bonds to clan, and spirit animals make a student know what class they are in at Ilvermonry. The connections at an early age are a benefit to a young person who is able to connect to nature.

Winter is the main Spiritual month for the students to connect while at Ilvermonry. The lead up to Winter months during the september, and october and November Autumn, lead to a connection before the Winter festival. The Wintering Festival at Ilvermorny is one to behold.

The way no boozoo, is my spirit animal, all winter long, i will tell stories about the Way no boozoo.

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